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12 Nottingham Rd.
Malverne, NY 11565

(516) 599-3220

We are: Multicultural. Young. Old. Seekers. Leaders. Assured of our Salvation. Still Wondering. Community Oriented. Family. Serious. Silly. Participants. Audience. And Everything In Between.

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Feeding our Neighbors

Community Presbyterian has a reputation as a church that feeds. We collect donations for the Long Island Council of Churches food pantry in Freeport year-round, and we have two major food drives each year.

June Food Drive

During the first full week of June, the CPC community hits the streets inviting their neighbors to join us in feeding the hungry.  Then we spend Saturday camped out on the church lawn and watch the food roll in.  Here are some pictures from this year's drive.

February Souper Bowl Drive

In February, we join our fellow Presbyterian churches on Long Island for a little friendly competition to see which congregation can collect the most food items or dollars per member, turning the Souperbowl of Caring into a month-long food collection festival. Thanks to leadership from within the congregation, we won the 2014 February food drive with 65.6 cans per member. We filled 15 pews and a good chunk of the floor with food.

On Sunday, March 9 Wally Merna, head of the Freeport Food Pantry, joined us in worship to accept our offering of food.  

Here are some pictures from the drive.

In June, we ask for help from our immediate neighbors, mobilizing one Sunday to hang fliers on door knobs in our neighborhoods, and collecting the food the following week. Again, the impetus for this collection came from within the congregation.