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12 Nottingham Rd.
Malverne, NY 11565

(516) 599-3220

We are: Multicultural. Young. Old. Seekers. Leaders. Assured of our Salvation. Still Wondering. Community Oriented. Family. Serious. Silly. Participants. Audience. And Everything In Between.

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Hurricane Relief

Hurricanes Sandy and Irene wreaked havoc on Long Island. Many homes were seriously damaged; some had 8 feet of water in them and are now in desperate need of demolition, mold remediation, and reconstruction.

Done In A Day is our response to these needs. The first Saturday of every month, rain or shine, volunteers join homeowners to help make their homes livable again. Many of these houses have not been touched since October of 2012, when Sandy swept the ocean over us.

To volunteer or keep informed of what's happening with the program, send your contact info to:

If you're a resident of Long Island and need hurricane recovery assistance, contact Peggy Racine at or (516) 795-1322.